Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chevron State of Mind

I know people are beginning to talk about sweater season coming, but I am in complete denial that summer is coming to an end. Living in California doesn't help with my denial either considering that day after day there's beautiful sunshine. 

Lately I've been seeing chevron everywhere and I absolutely love it. Chevron is pretty bold and stylish on it's own, so i think it's important to keep the other pieces relatively simple so you don't over do it with different prints and patterns. 

Today I went for a more preppy look with the this teal skirt paired with the chevron crop top. (both from Victoria's Secret) I used to never buy clothes at Victoria's Secret because I used to think they just had sweatpants and comfort wear, but I found these gems there so I'll have to be making visits there more often. 

To make the chevron pop, I accessorized very minimally and just kept it with this teal necklace I found at a market in Japan for three dollars. (I'm not kidding. it was three dollars)

I promise once it gets a little cooler in California I'll start to do some more fall looks but until then, hope you guys enjoy this look!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

All American Honey

So as you all know, Katy Perry brought back the infamous Britney Spears denim dress. Which obviously means that I have to do a denim look. In case you didn't see it here it is. 

Well I'm not as fabulous as Katy (and I definitely can't find a denim dress) so I went for a look that could be worn by us normal people. 

Lately I've been really into pairing together different denim pieces together which is crazy considering I never would have done a denim x denim outfit a few years ago. It just goes to show how peoples' styles are constantly evolving! 

 I kept the outfit fairly simple because I wanted to give it the classic, all American vibe.

I paired together this denim crop top that I found at Ross with basic blue jeans (Hollister) and brown boots.

To accessorize I just wore an arrow necklace (forever 21), sunglasses (Guess) and most importantly, red lipstick. There's something about wearing red lipstick that makes a girl feel badass. (even if you're like me and can't pull off red lipstick)

  That's the thing about fashion. You're able to transform yourself into whoever you want to be depending on your mood that day!

Hope you guys enjoyed! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Think Pink

I'm absolutely in love with anything pink, so it only makes sense that my first look posted is a pink heavy outfit.

It's so hot in California right now and I would complain about it if I didn't love crop tops so much. If I could get away with wearing crop tops all year long, I would. I paired the top with this pink skirt for a summery look. I wanted to keep the look fairly simple so I didn't accessorize too much and just settled for this forever 21 necklace. I kept the hair and makeup simple as well because I wanted to go for a casual look that would work for pretty much any occasion. 

Hope you guys enjoyed! 
Please feel free to leave me feedback on how you liked the look!

Here's the look on chictopia:

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