Saturday, December 6, 2014

About A Dress

Hey guys!
So this post was an absolute struggle to get ready so bare with me. My sister can't find her camera which means I have to use my mom's digital camera until I can get a camera for myself. So sorry about the bad quality of the photos! I'll be buying a camera soon! 

On top of my camera struggles it was raining which meant my straight hair poofed up the moment I stepped outside. Which is why my hair looks a little frizzy. (so. many. struggles.)

BUT! All of that aside, the post is now available. This look was what I wore for my office party last night! I needed an outfit that was work appropriate but still cute, and I knew that this dress would do the job. It's simple but has the great patterning around the waste. It's a perfect outfit for a nice dinner or for an event that's cocktail attire.

Every girl needs a little black dress that can go from casual to fancy, and this is a perfect dress for that. You can dress it up with a big necklace or you could dress it down with boots and a scarf. 

Dress: Ross
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Heels: Japanese shoe store

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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