Saturday, February 7, 2015

Welcome to the Jungle

Hey guys!

Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend! And to all my bay area readers, I hope you guys are staying dry! The rain came out of nowhere, but we really needed it so I’m trying to just enjoy the weekend by staying dry inside. There’s nothing like listening to the rain while you watch some tv with a glass of wine right?

Today’s look is a perfect look for fall or early spring. I love wearing maxi dresses because they’re so comfortable and at the same time super fashionable. This is my younger sister’s maxi dress that I borrowed (without asking. Oops). I’m always really weary about wearing leopard print because it can turn really tacky really fast. That’s why I think it’s important to pair leopard print pieces with basic pieces that calm it down a little bit.

The rest of the pieces are really plain without many prints or patterns, so that tones down the leopard print of the dress. I think the blue in the denim jacket is bright enough to give the outfit a nice pop, but not so overpowering to the point where it makes the outfit too intense. I once again toned it down with the cream colored scarf and the beige flats. It’s all about balance!

Dress: Lipstar
Jacket: Lipstar
Scarf: Charlotte Russe
Flats: Burlington Coat Factory

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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