Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Is it summer yet?

Hey guys! 

Today's look is a really feminine look inspired by the fact that it was international women's day this past weekend! Yes, i know that women don't always need to be wearing extremely feminine and floral print dresses, but i think all of us have that day that we just want to wear a cute little dress paired with wedges and lipstick. This look is for that day that we just want to feel girly with chocolates and dresses. 

The weather is finally starting to get to the point where we can call it summer. I've been impatiently waiting for months and i'm so excited i can finally pull out all my skirts and dresses! I found this amazing dress at Urban Outfitters and I absolutely had to have it. It has such a beautiful floral print and the back of the dress is to die for. You could wear a cute bralette under or do what i did and wear a bra that has a cute strap. 

This outfit would be perfect for a casual lunch date or shopping with friends. It's already pretty casual as it is, but you could always tone it down even more by changing up the shows to something a little less high. 

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: forever21
Wedges: Japan
Cardigan: Lipstar

Hope you guys enjoyed! 

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