Monday, March 2, 2015

Marley Monday

Hey guys! Happy Monday!

Today's look is an outfit that's perfect to fight off the Monday blues.
Nothing like a little Marley to start off the week am i right?

So this is a shirt that I stole from one of my ex's (we all do it right?)
What was formerly a baggy pajama shirt can be turned into a cute top just by cutting off the sides.
It was originally a t-shirt but I cut the sleeves off as well as around the neck to make it this really casual tank top with the open sides. I wear this shirt all the time because it's cute not only as casual wear, but also as a workout shirt.

I paired the shirt with white high waisted jeans to brighten it up a little bit, and to make it just a little more fancy I wore some wedges with it. This outfit shows that you can create a cute outfit with just about anything, it's just important to be a little creative.

Shirt: Stolen from my ex's closet (sorry i can't be more detailed)
Jeans: T.J. Maxx
Heals: T.J. Maxx

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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